As I was saying, every song is a love song.  This is one of my favorite things Nick Cave ever did.  It’s from 1999 when he was asked to teach a class on songwriting at the Vienna Poetry Festival.  He chose the love song.  He’s pretty dramatic, perhaps over the top sometimes, but it IS Nick Cave. 

Every song is a love song.  Something that I’ve always agreed with.  It depends on the inflection merely.  Or the singer’s/musician’s inspiration.  Saudade is a great way of explaining this partially. 

My friend David P Smith wrote this bio for an upcoming show we’re doing.

Himalayan Bear is an omnivore and will eat grasses, roots and other plants as well as insects and small mammals. He also like fruits and berries, and will occasionally prey on large mammals, including sheep and goats. He will eat before sunrise and later during the afternoon. Sometimes he will start to drink beer in the afternoon. His taste runs from European style pilsners to a variety of local micro-brewed products, often with a distinctly hoppy finish. His songs are cinematic both in their musical scope and narrative thread. His distinct cry is most usually heard in the evening, on occasion until lthe early hours of the morning. When drinking whiskey, Himalayan Bear`s behaviour may become erratic.

Incidentally he is playing at my favorite Vancouver Island venue this weekend.!/event.php?eid=224688524255746

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BEHOLD!  England!

BEHOLD! England!

T-shirt design for Hard Times tour. 

T-shirt design for Hard Times tour. 

I made this end of the summer mix last year at this time.  It’s a bunch of Hawaiian stuff, mostly post-war.  Anyway there is a version of Aloha Oe sung by the Master Chanters of Hawaii from the very early 20th century.  It’s what you would have heard and in fact is the very same band RL Stevenson describes hearing while boarding the big ship leaving Honolulu for San Fransisco circa late 1800s.  Super heartbreaking. 

Get yourself a drink for this mix please.  enjoy.